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Remember right after you delivered your little one, how clear your mind was, and how you logged every detail in your brain that the doctor gave you in your daughter or son’s care? Umm, me neither. Here’s an app that helps you keep track of all the health information that is important to your child.

My Kid’s Health, by Pomelo Limited, is a mom’s best friend in conveniently keeping track of all the health information of your children, without the mess of paperwork. This app is especially useful for trips to the doctor’s office or dentist, and is also a faster and easier tool to look up social security numbers and blood types, than digging through files. This would be a great app for a child that frequents the hospital, so parents can keep track of everything about the appointment, and steps in treatment. My Kid’s Health is available for the iPad for $8.99.


Here’s how My Kid’s Health app works: open the app and add info about your first child.  You can even add a photo when creating your child’s profile. After your child’s profile is created, you can see dates of future vaccinations. You can also add other events to the calendar, like dentist appointments, eye appointments, orthodontist, etc. Then just create accounts for each of your children. Navigating My Kid’s Health is pretty simple and straightforward.

Click on the listing categories tab in the top left-hand corner, and you can also access the following categories:


Growth Charts to see how your child measures up to the averages of other kids’ his or her age. You can share your child’s growth via Facebook and Twitter too.

Vaccinations listings to see what vaccinations still need to be completed.

Appointments for scheduled visits to doctors and dentists, which you can also setup with alerts to remind you. All appointments setup on the app are automatically synced with your iPad calendar, so everything is in one place.

Allergies to record what items your little one is allergic to, and treatments.

Illnesses, where you can log instances your child has been sick, like the flu, or had surgeries.

I like the thoroughness that My Kid’s Health provides and you can add as much or as little details as you would like. Not only does it serve as a digital notebook, but also works with your iPad calendar, helps you to see your child’s growth progress, and shows you what to expect at future doctor visits. I do feel that the app’s cost is a bit high for a family that has healthy kids that don’t frequent the hospital or doctor’s office very often. However, this is an app that you can use for multiple children for several years, so I’m sure just the convenience of it will pay for itself over time.

My Kid’s Health is a handy app to have on your iPad that stores important health information about your child, and acts as a great resource for moms after doctor and dentist visits.

My Kid's Health - Pomelo Limited

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