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bbsitguide_iconOk mom, your maturing child has told you that he or she is ready to babysit. So after you’ve gone through the reflection time of “oh, my baby is growing up…” you’ll be ready to get him or her babysitting with this great app.

Babysitting Guide by phoneflips is an excellent reference, preparation tool, and virtual emergency handbook to have with your child as he or she embarks on a  journey in the world of babysitting. Babysitting Guide is available for the iPhone at $1.99, or for Android at $1.29.

discipline_bbsitguideBabysitting Guide has a wealth of information, and encompasses everything in the process of becoming a babysitter; from preparation to become a caregiver, finding a job, communicating with parents, setting rules/disciplining, and enforcing safety, within its over 43 contents. Open the app and you’ll directly access the table of contents, which consists of titles like how to change diapers, how to care for various ages of children, ideas for games, and how to give CPR and care for injuries, among many other titles. It’s a beneficial app to read ahead before babysitting, and also jump back to if you forget something.

Babysitting Guide is very informative, simple, and straightforward; no flashy animations or sound effects, none of which is needed. I like how it isn’t just a list of facts and steps, but gives real parenting advice. For example, not calling a child “bad” but discussing behavior and helping a child to understand by asking him or her questions that can’t be answered with the word “no.” I bet you can think of a parent or two that could benefit from this app too, right?

One thing I did not care for is the font used, but that’s it.

Babysitting Guide is a comprehensive app that is perfect for a beginner babysitter, or a seasoned veteran, and is sure to equip a babysitter to be the best in influencing and caring for children.

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Babysitting Guide - phoneflips

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