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miko_iconJoin the curious and fun-loving Miko the mouse and his favorite stuffed animal Mimiki, as they experience life lessons and caring relationships, your young child can surely relate to in their early years of growing up. This 8 apps series is based on the books written by Brigitte Weninger and Stephanie Roehe, illustrated by Stephanie Roehe, and transformed into an interactive storybook app by Auryn, Inc.


I love how real and honest the dialogue is between Miko and the other characters. I can see my daughter saying and doing the same sort of things as Miko, and the stories are pretty funny too. I love how Miko’s stuffed toy Mimiki is a character of his own, because that’s how Miko plays with him. This reminds me of how my 3 year old’s favorite toy kitty needs a seat at the kitchen table. I enjoy how Miko’s mother interacts with him and Mimiki too.

All of the storybook apps in the Miko series include the same functionality features. There are 3 ways to read each story: Read to Me with narration as each word is highlighted as spoken, Read Myself, where you or your child read and guide the story, and Autoplay in which the story is read by narration and the pages are turned automatically. Tap on an object on the screen, and hear and see the word on the screen, helping to reinforce word association. You can also personalize each story; select the personalization option on the home screen, and you can record your voice reading each page, and even edit the text. All apps are $2.99 and available for the iPhone and iPad. Kids ages 3 and up will really enjoy each story.

Here are the 8 apps in the series; our favorites are marked with an *.

miko_nobath*Miko: No Bath! No Way! - Miko doesn’t want to ruin his perfect day by washing off all the memories of it, but sleeping on the floor in his sticky, itchy clothing just isn’t perfect. There is always tomorrow to do more perfect fun! Get it for the iPhone or iPad.



mikko_dogMiko Wants a Dog – Miko wants to have a dog so bad, but his mom has to object because they aren’t home enough to give it the proper attention. Miko learns how to help take care of dogs, even if the dog doesn’t live in Miko’s house. Get it for the iPhone or iPad.



miko_memom*Miko: It Was Me, Mom  - Miko knows he isn’t allowed to bounce balls in the house, but does anyway, and breaks his mom’s favorite vase! What will he tell her? How mad will she be? Things turn out for the better with the bravery of a little confession. Get it for the iPhone or iPad.



miko_wakeup*Miko: Mom Wakeup and Play –  Miko wakes up early and jumps at the chance to enjoy this extra playtime with his mom, but mom doesn’t want to wake up till the alarm goes off. Now what can Miko do to keep busy till the alarm goes off? Everything he thinks of to do, reminds him how much his mom loves to do those things with him too. So he makes a special surprise for her. Get it for the iPhone or iPad.


miko_vacationMiko Goes on Vacation – It’s time for Miko to enjoy a day at the beach, but he’s nervous to leave his toy Mimiki behind on shore while he hits the waves. Maybe someone can watch over Mimiki? Get it for the iPhone or iPad.



miko_doublebirthdayMiko Double Birthday – Yay! It’s Miko’s birthday, but what about his favorite toy Mimiki? Miko doesn’t want him to be left out of the fun of receiving presents. Get it for the iPhone or iPad.



miko_whereismimikiMiko Where is Mimiki? – Mimiki is Miko’s best friend and favorite toy, but Miko can’t seem to find him. Where could he be hiding? Best friends always stay together. Get it for iPhone or iPad.



mikko_movesoutMiko Moves Out – Miko repeatedly attempts to play with his mother, but she is busy and can’t play right now. Miko gets fed up and decides that he is moving out with his trusty toy Mimiki. Now where will they go that is more wonderful than home? Get it for iPhone or iPad.



The loveable Miko the mouse in Auryn‘s sweet interactive storybook series, are a perfect addition to your story time with your child. These apps are a great tool in helping kids master reading skills, learn growing opportunities in life lessons, and are fun to bond over for the moments spent together with you, mom. Start collecting them all and enjoy a little Miko time.

Auracle HD - Miko


Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for writing this app review. I received a promotional code for this app in faith of writing an app review. The photos used were taken as screen shots from my iPhone or iPad. Views expressed in this review are purely and only mine. Pricing was accurate at the time of this review.



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