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Auracle – The Trees Grin Beside Me - Auryn Inc.
trees grin iconWhen you are tired of reading books about Elmo, Disney characters, or odd (and creepy) fairy tale characters, and are desiring to introduce some creative and poetic writing styles that are still suitable for preschoolers and elementary-aged children, look to this iPad app- The Trees Grin Beside Me.

The Trees Grin Beside Me is a serene and beautiful storybook app by Auracle (Auryn Apps), based on the book of the same name by Michelle Macdonald, illustrated by Leah Davis. The app is $.99, and is available for iPad.

The Trees Grin Beside Me is a story narrated by a young girl who takes your child on a walk through nature, exploring and imploring about the beauty of the trees around her, while learning more about herself and her beauty within.

trees grinThere are three ways to read The Trees Grin Beside Me:

Read to Me: Narration of story read aloud, and then child can tap on objects in illustration to see the word and hear pronunciation of word. Manually turn the page by swiping finger across screen.

Read Myself: No narration; child or another person can read the story, and still allows for interactions on the screen.

Auto Play: Narrator reads the story, but pages turn automatically; great for in the car or when you need to get tasks done and can keep your little one busy.

In addition to these three ways to read this story, you can also add your own voice and personalization to the story. Select the apple icon with the letter “P” on the main menu screen. Here you can read aloud lines from the story and record your voice. Your recordings will play in the narrated story options. See the video below on how to use this feature.

The Trees Grin Beside Me is a gentle and dreamy storybook app that combats flashy, and excitable apps made for children, while taking your child through the beauties of nature and the wonderment of trees.

Auracle – The Trees Grin Beside Me - Auryn Inc.

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