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Admit it, you’re one of those moms that plasters your Facebook with photos and videos of your kids, and it has become more of a shrine of your beloved offspring, than about you and “socially networking.” I think we’ve all been guilty of that at some point in our online lives. Maybe you’re like me, and had a terrible shock of inevitable doom when you realized that you had a thousand images of your child on your phone or computer, but none backed up on a secure online cloud or in print. I have a friend that lost all her baby images of her son when her computer crashed. That just stinks.

Mother Applications

So here’s the point in the blog post where I tell you about this app that solves those problems above (granted, it’s nothing compared to problems of poverty, war, or the economy, but work with me here, Mamas ;) ).


Tweekaboo, an online private photo and video diary, allows you to instantly upload photos and videos from your phone, to a secure online account, that you can easily share with friends and family. Sign up for a free account, download the free app, invite those that really care about all the big and little moments of your children’s lives, and invite other moms to join too. I know most of your Facebook friends love to see pictures of your kids, but your single friends may not care to see twenty different shots of your kid with chocolate all over his or her face as much as Grandma would. Invite Grandma, and your best Mom pals. Don’t get this app wrong,  for big milestones you wish to share with everyone, there is a feature to share your entry on Facebook or send as a Tweet, too. You can also add your partner to the account, so both of you can have access to posting in the journal. The other will receive a notification whenever one parent makes a post.

Tweekaboo is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and I did mention that it’s FREE right? Nothing to lose. Windows and Android apps will be coming soon.

After you have set up your account and invited others to join, make your first entry. You can grab a photo or video (must be under 30 seconds) from your camera roll, or take a photo or video straight from the app. Write notes about the event, and you can even save comments that loved ones write on the entry, too. This helps your family really relive the moment. Choose how and with whom you wish to share the post by selecting lists you will create including family, friends, or posting on your Facebook wall, and then upload the post directly to your online account. You can access your account on your computer and gain use to other neat tools like a calendar. You can view your friends’ diaries, too, and have your own little moms’ social networking hangout.

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What’s also really neat about this app, is that you can save text messages received and sent when your child was born, and write notes to them when they are babies, that they can read later on in life. Take pictures of their artwork to store in your online album, and help de-clutter the refrigerator without getting that broken heart feeling of throwing away a piece of paper, torn from a coloring book, that they colored pretty well within the lines…maybe that’s just me? Every photo or video you add will be automatically timestamped and organized into a chronological timeline.

Tweekaboo keeps your photos, videos, and momentos of your little ones organized and safe, and easily available to share with friends and family, allowing you to keep a virtual memory book to present to your child later in life, and share with those who care to see every little milestone your child takes.

Create your free account or learn more about Tweekaboo at

Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for writing this app review. The photos used were taken as screen shots from my iPhone or iPad.  Views expressed in this review are purely and only mine. Pricing was accurate at the time of this review. 

Taking care of pets is a great opportunity for kids to learn responsibility, companionship, and that you better be careful where you leave a fish that can jump out of its fishbowl!
Guppy Butter, a witty and relatable tale, written by Kevin M. Penelerick & illustrated by Amanda Gielen, is available in iBooks for $3.99, and is recommended for child ages 2-8, though I think even older kids would enjoy it, too. The book might be too long for 2 year olds to sit through; it has two short chapters, and 36 pages (illustrated pages included).


Guppy Butter is a story told from the view of a young girl that wants a puppy for a pet desperately, but her parents use better judgement of her and her wise-talking brother, and decide on their best interest to start off with a pet guppy instead.

I love the realness and the relatability of the characters. Guppy Butter has humor that kids of all different ages will enjoy (parents too), and is a great example that we don’t always get what we want, or things don’t always go as planned in life. It’s a growing up story with perfectly placed humor to lighten the small sorrow. The illustrations pop with color, and have a modern vibe that meshes well with the tone of the story. Guppy Butter is cleverly written, easy to read, offers great teaching moments with vocabulary, and has a wittingly tragic climax in this tale of  an identity-confused goldfish.

Parents, you won’t be bored reading Guppy Butter, and chances are, your kids will love it and ask you to read it over and over, so why not choose a fun, smart, life-lesson-learning, humorous book to read to your kids? You’ll definitely want to add Guppy Butter to your iBook library.

Disclosure: I do not receive compensation for writing this app review. The photos used were taken as screen shots from my iPhone or iPad. Views expressed in this review are purely and only mine. Pricing was accurate at the time of this review.

Your child detective will love searching for number clues to solve math problem mysteries, and interactively engage with spooky and humorous surroundings along the way, in the Mystery Math Town app.
Mystery Math Town, by Artgig Studios, challenges your child’s math skills while he or she helps a friendly ghost save fireflies throughout Mystery Math Town. Mystery Math Town is available for the iPad for $2.99, the iPhone and iPod Touch for $1.99, and is recommended for children ages 6-12. I reviewed the iPad version.

Your child will explore creepy buildings and interactive with portrait artwork, while rescuing fireflies and solving math problems presented. Tap on all the numbers hidden in each room to use as the answers to fill in the blanks of a math problem. Whenever your child answers a math problem correctly,  new rooms will be unlocked. Your child can also collect the portrait masterpieces of the people of Math Town in a gallery.